Wildcats Hockey Book 2016

Wildcats Hockey Book 2015


In 2007, as in-house designer at Psychometrics Canada Ltd., I was tasked with updating the company website design, make it fully bilingual, improve usability, build in flexibility and increase sales. I was responsible for project ...


As in-house designer at Psychometrics Canada Ltd. in 2008, I designed CareerID advertisements to educate human resource professionals, consultants and counsellors on the benefits of using this online testing system. The budget was limited and ...

Culturing Wellness

Greatest Freedom Show On Earth

In fall 2013, greatestfreedomshow.com


What can I say…..kids are endlessly inspiring and fun to photograph. Enjoy!

Groenenboom Land & Cattle Company

Dwarf Mistletoe, Life cycle

In the dissertation Biology of the Dwarf Mistletoe, Arceuthobium Americanum Nutt. Ex Engelm., on Jack Pine in Alberta, Canada by James P. Brandt, I designed a life cycle diagram (Figure 6.3) to clearly illustrate how this ...

Calgary Labour Force Overview

Karen Fingas Consulting prepared a report titled “A Profile of Calgary’s Labour Force” in 2006. I was hired to design an Overview for presentation to Calgary Economic Development. The content and design of this Overview ...


SOS Players

Creating a visual identity for the SOS Players was highly rewarding. The SOS Players are individuals with severe and persistent mental illness or they have friends and families living with a mental illness. Through the presentation ...

Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Rocky Mountain Soap Company is a 100% natural soap and body product manufacturer. The company was established in Canmore, Alberta, in 1995 and has been successful in distributing their products in a number of locations throughout ...

Ice Dominators

It is always fun to create a logo for a sport’s team. Here is the logo I created for an all-girls hockey team called the Ice Dominators.

Honey Badgers

Here is the logo I created for an all-girls hockey team called the Honey Badgers. The 2011 YouTube sensation “Crazy Nasty Honey Badger” has inspired everything from Halloween costumes and songs to sports teams.


Each year, The successful solution used a series of stock illustrations that supported a play on the company’s mission statement “Building Better Organizations Through People”.  After brainstorming ideas for organizing the content I came up with, “Building Better ...