• SOS Players

    Creating a visual identity for the SOS Players was highly rewarding. The SOS Players are individuals with severe and persistent mental illness or they have friends and families living with a mental illness. Through the presentation of plays, What is Schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a biochemical disorder of the brain. Symptoms include: disordered thinking, delusions, hallucinations, and a lack of energy and motivation. It strikes 1 in 100 people globally.      
  • Rocky Mountain Soap Company

    Rocky Mountain Soap Company is a 100% natural soap and body product manufacturer. The company was established in Canmore, Alberta, in 1995 and has been successful in distributing their products in a number of locations throughout Canada. In 2005, I was hired to evolve their brand and change their visual identity. I looked at competitor packaging, positioning and branding. After sketching numerous ideas, I settled on three well-developed concepts to present to the owners. The successful design was a stylized mountain range matching the natural surroundings of the brand’s origins. The simplified mountain forms represent the Three Sister Mountain Range and the letters “r” and “m”. Its simplistic form and colour is expressive of the brand’s commitment to creating 100% natural soap and body products. The blue communicates clear blue skies, clean running water, and all things natural in our beautiful Rocky Mountains. The client received positive feedback from customers and suppliers. The successful resolution of their identity helped the company grow their wholesale business and establish their first franchise. Visit the Rocky Mountain Soap Company and try some of their amazing natural products.
  • Ice Dominators

    It is always fun to create a logo for a sport's team. Here is the logo I created for an all-girls hockey team called the Ice Dominators.
  • Honey Badgers

    Here is the logo I created for an all-girls hockey team called the Honey Badgers. The 2011 YouTube sensation "Crazy Nasty Honey Badger" has inspired everything from Halloween costumes and songs to sports teams.